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Jacki Marie's Music

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I have loved to sing since I was a child, & Like many artists, I started singing in the choir at my church. Then I started singing solos, & went on to direct choir. I love to sing harmony with others as much as I like to solo.


I have the ability to create my own tracks for recording, or live performance


Recording Artist



I've been writing since junior high school, & in high school decided writing music & lyrics was my thing. I consisder myself to be very diversified in my styles

started recording back in the day when vinyl was in!!! I've also recorded 2 original CD's,

a mixture of pop, rock, & more. I'm in the process of getting ready to record my 1st gospel/inspirational CD. If you wanna hear my music...

I've performed over quite a bit of the US, with various bands, & as a solo act. I performed with the band 'Blue Creek Fever', all over the western US & Canada.With the same group I also did a tour for the US Air Force in Hawaii, Korea, Japan, including Okinawa, & the Philippines. (also included were a couple of marine bases)I'm based out of Arizona, & I'm currently a solo act. Since my extensive back & neck surgeries, I am doing limited appearances.

I am a self taught musician who plays the piano, electric keyboards, and saxophone.

Listen to my music

ATTENTION:       If you have tried to email me, my email account was incorrect on the receiving end!! Please.... re-email me!!

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