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What's up at Mamaw Acki's corner ? 

In The Rooms At the corner

I'm Jacki Marie. Songwriter, Musician, grandmother & much more.I'm here to prove that anytime in life can be a good time in life!!

Who Is Mamaw Acki

Oh My Word

A mishmosh of many subject matters! We will talk about products both you & I have tried, along with other topics you want to discuss

Dream Page

It's all about the dream.
Do you have one? Lets                 explore

Things I Create

This shows things I have created. I have a mind that thinks if I can't find it....I can make it! 
This is where you can go on my music journey, It's also where you can listen to & download my original music 

Family & More

Family is very important to me. You can see some of my favorite pics of family & friends!

Jacki Marie's Music

I believe that anytime in life can be a good time in life

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